IBIS Global 2024 will be from 21-23 May in the captivating destination of Rhodes, Greece. Located at the Sheraton Rhodes Resort, IBIS Global Summit 2024 offers an immersive experience, serving as a hub for profound discussions, innovative approaches to industry challenges, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

As the team eagerly anticipate the year 2024 and expand their reach to new territories globally, IBIS is excited to bring international events that uphold their commitment to world-class networking. The cornerstone of this global roadmap is our new and invigorating theme: “Transforming Tomorrow Together.” 

This theme was conceived in response to a common thread discovered in the collision repair industry across all markets: the need for strategic alliances. In the face of an exponential surge in innovation, technology, and market dynamics, industry stakeholders have come to realise that working together is paramount for transformation.

“Transforming Tomorrow Together” encapsulates the collaborative spirit that will be at the heart of the collision repair industry’s evolution in 2024. As the industry faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities, this theme underscores the urgency of forming alliances and partnerships that transcend geographical boundaries and unite industry players in the pursuit of a brighter, more sustainable future.

Since their establishment in 2001, IBIS has evolved into a premier global conference and networking provider for leaders and influencers in the collision industry and built a distinguished reputation as a source of high-level information and market analysis. Their mission is to shape the future of the auto collision repair ecosystem by providing unique platforms and technologies, enabling our members to:

  • Gain insights from thought leaders and industry pioneers.
  • Explore disruptive and forward-thinking content from expert panellists.
  • Participate in dynamic and constructive debates that drive industry progress.
  • Engage in strategic peer-to-peer networking to foster collaborative growth.

The IBIS Global Summit 2024 will also see the return of the IBIS Global Collision Industry Awards. First presented at the 2023 event in Milan, the awards are a recognition of the exceptional work, innovation, and resilience displayed by individuals and companies in the global collision repair industry. 

Two awards were presented by IBIS CEO Jason Moseley:

Outstanding Contribution to the Collision Repair Industry > Mark Sanders, Caliber

Lifetime Achievement in the Collision Repair Industry > Farzam Afshar, VeriFacts.

More information on the 2024 awards will be released shortly.

If you’re interested in becoming an IBIS Global Summit partner, contact our Head of Sales, Suzie Scott, at suzie@ibisworldwide.com.

To register for the event, follow this link https://ibisworldwide.com/ibis-global-summit-2024/registration/ 

Please reach out to Emily Miles at emily@ibisworldwide.com for all event-related enquiries.